“Future Wings“ is carried on by four Partners and is managed by the University of Pisa
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University of Pisa, Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Aerospace Unit, Italy Mario Rosario Chiarelli (Project Coordinator) R.Galatolo, D.Fanteria, V.Binante, M.Cagnoni, S.Botturi, S.Bonomo, L.Giani (Materials, Structures, Aeroelasticity) G. Mengali, R. D’Amato  (Flight Mechanics) A. Massai (Project Management and Dissemination) L. Lombardi, C. Lippi, F. Pioli, G. Adorni Fontana (Technical Staff) S. Massenzio, A. Salvini (Administrative Staff)
Smart Material GmbH, Germany Jan Kunzmann P. Gurtz, S. Pursche
iChrome Ltd, United Kingdom Luca Lanzi A. Cervasio, A. Colbertaldo, S. Codeluppi
Piaggio AEROSPACE, Italy Aniello Cozzolino, Salvatore Mancino (Management) G. Apuleo, M. Genta  (Structures)
“Think of an airplane as a great body with its end structures (wings, horizontal tail surfaces, vertical tail surfaces) that could have the possibility to change their shape as they had internal nerve endings and muscles ...”