“Future Wings“ is an International Project co-financed by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme
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“Wings of the Future”   Project START: 1st June, 2013 Project END: 31st May, 2015
Description of Work
Expected Results
The Project will develop through the realization of 3 different and interleaved subjects: Theoretical and computational analysis Development    of    theoretical    and    computational    models    aimed    at    developing    new evaluation   tools   suited   for   the   analysis   of   the   specific   problems   related   to   the   insertion   of active   piezoelectric   laminates   into   a   wing-box   structure.   The   models   will   be   used   to   test the   feasibility   of   obtaining   the   deformation   of   the   wing   that   is   necessary   to   guarantee   the full maneuverability of the aircraft without mechanical failures. Experimental evaluation Measurement   of   the   mechanical   characteristics   of   the   hybrid   laminates   (piezo-layers   + composite-layers    and/or    piezo-layers    +    aluminum-alloy-layers),    and    mechanical    and functional   tests   on   a   small   scale   model   of   Future-Wing,   i.e.   a   wing   model   representative, as a first step, of the behaviour of a full scale Future-Wing. Study of the flight mechanics of the “Future-Wings Concept Aircraft Assessment   of   the   aero-elastic   and   aeromechanical   characteristics   of   an   aircraft   based on    the    Future-Wing    concept.    Theoretical    and    numerical    models    predictions    will    be compared with the experimental results obtained on a small scale Future-Wing model.
The Project The Project
The Project is subdivided into 10 different
“Think of an airplane as a great body with its end structures (wings, horizontal tail surfaces, vertical tail surfaces) that could have the possibility to change their shape as they had internal nerve endings and muscles ...”